Who We Are

Over 40 years of high end drywall finishing & specialized plaster work

Our Profile

For over 40 years Buckley Drywall has specialized in providing high-end drywall finishing and architectural logistics services to residential and commercial buildings throughout the lower mainland. Through our dedication to providing precise and meticulous work, we’ve earned a reputation that puts us amongst the best drywall finishing companies in British Columbia. We hold ourselves up to high expectations and leave no room for error.

Our experience and expertise is not only limited to high-end drywall finishing and ceiling applications, but also plaster restoration.

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The Craft Of Plaster

Beyond drywall, we also specialize in working with plaster. This requires a highly specialized skillset and years of study. From custom fabrication to restoration and repair, we offer the full package for any project.

Rethinking drywall

An eye for detail and strict standards are what define our drywall work.  Our high level of proficiency and attention to detail means we can tackle difficult projects with precision. Making a vision, a reality.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the satisfied clients we’ve accrued over the years.

We believe in being accountable, honest, and reliable. Strong relationships are not built from nothing and require integrity in order to last.

We believe that any great work comes through collaboration. We work with builders & architects to make their vision come to life, while working with other subcontractors to ensure a smooth build.

We promise to hold ourselves to the high standards for which we are known, and refuse to sacrifice quality for budget. We do not cut corners, and our work reflects that.

Our Clients

We’re the first choice of the top architects and builders in BC.


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